How to inncrease sexual tension without being creepy

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    п»їWhen size matters: what to do when your penis is too large
    Your boy has been graced by nature? Is your penis too big and you do not know how to handle it when you have sex? Here are some tips to make the most of it!

    It is not okay to assume that size matters, but if your boy has touched the lottery genetics in terms of proportions is concerned, we will not deny that it can be a plus for your sexual relations. However, if you have ever been with a man who has a large penis, you have probably noticed that having sex with him can be a bit expensive.
    Knowing how to enjoy your lucky anatomy without hurting yourself can be a little laborious, but following a few simple tips you can make sure that your penis does not provide you more than pleasure. You can start by taking note of these postures designed for big boys. If you thought that the size of your penis was a problem, you will change your mind!

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    Do not forget the preliminaries. Preliminaries are very important before any sexual relationship, but if your boy has a big penis, then they become indispensable. Make a preliminary game, that your partner does oral sex or masturbate you will make your vaginal muscles relax naturally and increase the lubrication of the area, something essential for the penetration is not painful and it is easy to slip in and out of you.
    In general, women take longer to achieve a state of excitement than men, but this is essential to enjoy sex, even more so when your penis is large and can cause pain. So if you missed the preliminaries or if your boy always resisted them to move directly to the action, now you have reason to converse! Here you have some original ideas beyond the famous cunnilingus.
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    Slowly, you know the refrain: without haste but without pause. If your boy has a big penis, it is essential that he understands that he must go slowly if he does not want to hurt you. The main problem that can arise is that your boy accidentally hits your cervix at the time of entering you, something that causes a pain similar to that produced by the rule. And that’s not very nice, is it?
    The majority of nerves responsible for female pleasure are located outside the vagina (in the clitoris) or inside it, but very close to the vaginal opening, barely 6 or 7 centimeters high. In addition, point G is immediately below, at a height of about 5 centimeters, so your boy does not need to use his entire penis to give you maximum pleasure. A trick: you can make your boy concentrate on point G for a while, and when you are more excited, look for a deeper penetration. Yes, always very slowly …
    The lubricant, your best ally If your guy has a big penis, you should make lubrication your best travel companion. Gone are the days where the lubricant was something sticky and dirty: today are the key to take sex to another level. It is worth investing in a lubricant that hydrates the area and reduces the sensation of friction, so that the penetration is much more comfortable. In addition, there are now lubricants of all possible flavors, and many of them are even edible! Here you have a selection of the most varied …
    Anal sex: proceed with caution We have to admit: practicing anal sex with a guy with a big penis does not sound very appetizing, but if you want to try it, you should not be deprived of it because of its size. The key, as you will suppose, is to use a good amount of lubricant, since the area of ​​the anus does not have natural lubrication like the vagina. You must be relaxed and your boy must proceed with great care and delicacy if he does not want to hurt you. In these cases,? Trust and communication is essential! Make sure your partner is aware of your needs and wishes, and enjoy!
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